Offer Terms & Conditions:

  • These offers being provided to such select customers would be made at no cost and the exact offer would be communicated to such customers through a select set of communication channels viz. SMS, eMail, IVR etc.
  • Offers under this program are only available on invitation through exclusive communication sent by Tata Teleservices Limited. ("TTL") to select customers.
  • Such offers are being made on existing (select) bill plans held by the customer. In case the customer upgrades his plan, the benefits under the offer would continue, in cases where the customer downgrades his plan or moves to a plan that is not covered under this program, then the benefits under this program will stand forfeited. This forfeiture clause will stand intact irrespective of the communication received by the customer.
  • Such offers are being made on existing (select) product type held by the customer. In case of change in product type by the customer, these offers will cease to exist. Offers under this program are non–transferable and would be applicable exclusively for the connection for which they have been offered.
  • Offers under this program would only be applicable if the account of such a customer is in a healthy state i.e. the customer has paid his/her outstanding and continues to pay his/her outstanding before the due date and the account is not in a blocked state because of any other reason.
  • Offers under this program cannot be clubbed with any other offer or used in conjunction with any alternative offer or promotion. TTL will not be liable for any loss, claim, damage, expenses whether expressed, implied, real, consequential incurred by the such select customers due to participation in these offers.
  • TTL reserves the right to change, discontinue and deactivate any of such offers at its own discretion.
  • TTL reserves the sole right to modify or withdraw any of the offers, under this program, at any time without notice. TTL’s decision regarding the same shall be final and binding. TTL shall inform the customer via SMS or email about the modification or withdrawal of the offer.
  • All other terms and conditions that govern the product relationship between TTL and the customer would remain as is.