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The decentralized workplace of tomorrow

product: Managed Hosting


Actualizing: ‘work from home’. Concept to Reality

Over the last decade, with availability of broadband internet, digital telephony and the widespread availability of mobile communication networks, a number of concepts like flexible-work, telecommuting and remote-workers have gained traction. For the most part, people who chose these options (almost two-thirds*) were either freelancers or part-time workers. Now however, many companies are cognizant of the advantages of a distributed and flexible workforce. Technology too has caught up and most individuals’ connectivity at home is at par with their work environment and sometimes exceeds the office specs. Also, with many organizations moving their system to the cloud, accessing information, workflows and segmented functions is now much simpler than before. An employee logging in at home saves on commute time, is available virtually through the work day, has a work environment that’s literally customized for the person and has more personal time available. The business too is able to take advantage. Lower physical space is consumed, power office resources and overheads come down. The mutual benefits are considerable.


Managed Hosting

Our Managed Hosting Services ensure that enterprises have complete control over their critical business data and applications. Managed Hosting Services provide a secure, reliable and flexible hosting and storage environment with the use of secure cloud hosting services to support dynamic business needs through a wide range of predefined, dedicated computing resources with customised resources. The key benefit of Managed Hosting solutions is that it helps enterprises keep a watch on all their business data.

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