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Managed Hosting for an ITES company

Product: Managed Hosting
Highlights: Superior global end-user experience through an outsourced data centre solution
Managed Hosting for an ITES company


  • Improve customer experience of on-demand application offering
  • Source infrastructure to support a global customer base
  • Support innovation and quick time to market
  • Reallocate resources to core areas of expertise


  • A fully outsourced and secure hosting environment was offered, for the customer’s on-demand application
  • Our Managed Hosting Services offering included space within our global footprint of hosting facilities, access to a Tier-1 IP network and state-of-the-art security measures
  • In addition, server monitoring and management systems were maintained as part of a fully managed solution offering
  • The solution was backed by a central 24x7x365 Managed Services Operation Center (MSOC) which provides the highest levels of technical expertise
  • With support for a complete suite of operating system environments, including Windows, Solaris and Linux, across a worldwide data centre footprint, the customer could benefit from an architecture and location that would be ideally suited to the company’s needs


  • Open engagement with all parties to develop strong levels of trust
  • Partnering with a flexible, responsive service expert
  • Consistent global service delivery
  • A seamless, fully outsourced solution


Managed Hosting

Our Managed Hosting Services ensure that enterprises have complete control over their critical business data and applications. Managed Hosting Services provide a secure, reliable and flexible hosting and storage environment with the use of secure cloud hosting services to support dynamic business needs through a wide range of predefined, dedicated computing resources with customised resources. The key benefit of Managed Hosting solutions is that it helps enterprises keep a watch on all their business data.

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