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IaaS for a travel company

Product: Managed Hosting
Highlights: Setup scalable, secure infrastructure
 IaaS for a travel company


The customer needed a cost effective service that would provide the secure infrastructure required to route highly sensitive information. Scalability along with the option to pay for only the services used by them, were the other major asks.


Tata Docomo in association with Tata Communications Limited proposed a solution to host managed servers and the related operating systems. The proposal was expanded to include managed Wide Area Network (WAN) services, data centers, managed firewall and co-location services. The solution included the primary data center to be based in the UK. This facility is upgraded to become a disaster recovery location. The solution manages and monitors servers and switches, ensuring high availability. It also instituted a data backup, to meet regulatory requirements for protecting customer information. We met the client’s needs with a low-cost, efficient Managed Hosting service. As part of the service, we also provide Managed Storage and Managed Security services. Managed Storage consists of a multi-gigabit Storage Area Network (SAN) service, while Managed Security includes an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that manages and monitors firewalls. Managed Security builds upon the critical security measures that were already in place, which included customer specific guidelines and policies. Incorporating Intrusion Detection System (IDS) event monitoring with firewall management ensures customer data is properly protected. Security experts on-site ensure that any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data is protected from unauthorized access. The solution was deployed within a four-week time frame. During this time the necessary hardware was identified, server equipment was brought to the data center and local physical installation of the applications and monitoring tools were configured. All aspects of the implementation were handled by a team of experts.


Beyond meeting the customers’ requirements for a cost effective, hosted, scalable, infrastructure, we were also able to provide redundant data centers. Additionally, our solution is monitored round-the-clock by network and security staff and comes with integrated management applications that notify the customer in case of any attempts to access or alter the data center environment.


Managed Hosting

Our Managed Hosting Services ensure that enterprises have complete control over their critical business data and applications. Managed Hosting Services provide a secure, reliable and flexible hosting and storage environment with the use of secure cloud hosting services to support dynamic business needs through a wide range of predefined, dedicated computing resources with customised resources. The key benefit of Managed Hosting solutions is that it helps enterprises keep a watch on all their business data.

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