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SmartFleet Tracker

Smart Fleet Tracking

SmartFleet Tracker assists Institutions in providing convenience and Peace of mind. It benefits with the optimal information to manage the operations effectively and efficiently. This gives administrator complete peace of mind with updated alerts.

  • Track vehicle and driver performance.
  • Pull together critical data to make the best decisions about compliance and overall efficiency.
  • Focus on trip planning and best service to your customers.
  • Forget need of IT department to install applications.
  • Increase productivity and profitability with SMS and Email alerts.



  • Gain real-time vehicle tracking such as location and speed.
  • Access an interactive map view of running buses as well as history routes.
  • Reduce anxiety of customers via SMS information of vehicle location.
  • Enhance ease of operations by easily viewing reports of fleet usage with option of downloading and printing them.


  • Step 1: You can reach us on 1800-266-0000 for a demo/ installation.

Don’t worry, help is on its way. Keep watching this space.

A. Smart Tracker provides following information about user’s vehicle:
  • Present location of vehicle (through SMS or on Map)
  • Vehicle’s speed
  • Vehicle’s Ignition
  • Distance covered
  • Routes followed
  • Stoppages taken by vehicle
  • Engine Idling
  • Additional information like Vehicle PUC expiry, insurance expiry, Service due etc.


A. Solution can be used by:
  • Transport (Fleet owners)
  • Logistics companies
  • FMCGSME’s involved in distribution (like distributors of FMCG, local distribution)


A. GPS devices operate when they are exposed to open sky. In case there is any obstruction on device antennae or if vehicle is parked at an indoor location or under shade, GPS signals are not received by GPS device. Also when a vehicle is going through high rise buildings, there are chances of GPS signals getting deflected and not providing accurate data.


A. When GPS signals are not received, device will not be able to transmit location data to Smart Tracker application server, and thus for that duration, server will not be able to process any report or release any ETA/Vehicle related alert to users.


A. You shall call our toll free Customer Care Number – 1800 260 121.


A. You can access Smart Tracker over your PC with an internet connection. As you subscribe for this service, Tata Docomo will provide you a User ID and password.
Users can access this service on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (and above) and Mozilla Firefox 3.5 (and above). It is recommended to use a broadband connection of 1 Mbps or faster for a better experience.


A. No software installation is required on your PC. Moreover multiple people, authorized by you, can view this solution over their respective PCs at same time.


A. Your user ID and password will be mailed to your email ID as registered on CAF/SEF.


A. Please enter following URL in your Laptop or PC browser:
Please enter your User ID and password as communicated during activation of your account


A. You may use “Forgot password” link on


A. Please check your internet connection. If your internet connection is working fine, please contact customer care.


A. Yes you can track your vehicle 24X7.





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