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Network. Everywhere. Always.


If there's one other thing that’s omnipresent, it’s our network. It goes and stays with you everywhere, always. And no, we’re not saying it. As per a study conducted by Hansa research in 1225 locations across 8 cities covering 70% of the total internet traffic, you get high-speed internet on the Tata Docomo network at 99% locations. So with us, speed is not a matter of luck, it’s a certainty. Go on, see for yourself…

Research Background

Isn’t the true test of a mobile internet connection mobility? So, we along with our research partner decided to check exactly that - the width of coverage of certain networks. Speed tests for various networks in different locations were performed in top 8 Indian cities. The chosen areas were within actual Municipal Corporation boundaries where majority of you reside, and not some uninhabited forest area! Also, they didn’t just stop at main roads, but also checked the actual delivered speed on interior lanes across different time bands!

The study involved assessing the speed of various CDMA and 3G Brands [as per their availability in various cities] by:

  • Downloading ~8.98 MB song file from a website [and thus, recording the speed of the brands in terms of duration and then re-calculated the speed in terms of KBps]
  • Undertaking a speed test via

Research Locations

The research was conducted among the top 8 cities which account not just for 32% of the internet users but also upwards of 70% of the total air traffic.* What’s more, these top 8 cities also account for 50% of the laptop base in the country.**

*traffic estimates from Google
**as per HCL estimates

Research Methodology

  1. Locations selected in each ward of each city by the research agency through a randomization algorithm.
  2. A standard file was downloaded through every network being measured in the city.
  3. Speed calculated as (file size / time taken)
  4. Measurement locations split by:
    • Day-part - peak hours Vs non-peak hours
    • Day-part - peak hours Vs non-peak hours
  5. Study was conducted in each municipal ward of selected 8 cities.
  6. Pre decided networks were tested in all the wards of that city.
  7. 'Best Pre-Paid Data Plan' for each network as suggested and recommended by dealer. For Photon Max - in the absence of prepay plans, a postpaid connection was used.
  8. The testing was done during two Time slots : 8 am to 12 pm, Evening 6 pm to 10 pm.

Research Findings

Here are some key findings from the study. You can go through them while we pull up our collar..
  1. There are 280 wards of the 1225 wards tested (23% areas) where one or the other of the competitor networks did not work**.
  2. Tata Docomo network is available at 1207 wards of the 1225 wards tested (99% areas) as a cumulation of Tata Docomo 3G and Tata Docomo CDMA networks (as applicable in various cities).
  3. Tata Docomo 3G provided better results [available in 3 of the 8 selected cities] during Evening Time Slots and in Inner Lanes, than any other brand tested across markets.

Find out More

Click here to download the research results.


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