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Now you can get the latest news updates on your mobile, anytime, anyplace !!

No need to wait for the newspaper boy to get your daily dose of news. Tata Docomo's 'My News' gives the freedom to access your favourite newspaper on your mobile!

The main features that highlights this service are :
  • Read news in your most preferred language! Choose from nine different languages!
  • With 40 + leading Indian newspapers to choose from, we assure that you get the most accurate news.
  • Love reading the sports section more than business? Opt for the category you wish to read from.
  • Take newspaper reading experience to the next level! Share your views on the current issues with the world!
  • Get 2 news alerts every day.
  • My News is available on SMS, WAP & IVR.

Note: This service is available for 2G subscribers also.

Want to get the latest news? Here are the steps to subscribe to 'My News'.


  • Step 1: SMS 'MY NEWS' to 53333. (Toll free)
  • Step 2: You will receive WAP push to access 'My News' WAP portal.
  • Step 3: Make your selections:
    • Choose a Language: Languages available are Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and English.
    • Choose a Newspaper: Each language will have set of newspapers available.
    • Choose a Category: Breaking News, Political News, International News, National News etc.
  • Step 4: Post selection, you will be displayed the News from selected newspaper. Every day you will receive 2 news alerts from chosen newspaper.

Other alternative modes

There is more than one way to access Tata Docomo's My News
  • Dial 52207777 & listen to the news of the hour.
  • SMS 'START MYNEWS' to 155223.
  • Dial 155223 to subscribe.

How to unsubscribe:
  • SMS 'UNSUB NEWS' to 53333.
  • SMS 'STOP MYNEWS' to 155223.
  • Dial 155223 to unsubscribe.

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A. 'My News' service allows customer to read his favorite newspaper on mobile.


A. 'My News' is accessible through Sms, WAP & IVR.


A. There are 3 ways to access 'My News':
  • SMS 'My News' to 53333. Customer will receive WAP push to access the service. On clicking on WAP push/URL he will be given option to choose his language & newspaper.
  • Go to News zone on 3Glife portal to access 'My News' service. You will be shown screen with subscription option. Post subscription, he will be shown screen to select his language & newspaper. He will receive 2 news alert every day from his chosen newspaper with a wap push to access detailed news.
  • Customer can dial 52207777 to access service on IVR.


A. No, there is no downloadable client available in Phase I.


A. Per Newspaper
How much does this cost? WAP Validity (Days)
Rs.7 Unlimited access (selected newspaper) NO DAC 7
Rs.30 Unlimited access (selected newspaper) NO DAC 30
End of Table


A. No, If customer subscribes from any of the medium (SMS / WAP / IVR), he will not be charged separately to access the service from other medium.


A. No, you just need to choose your language & newspaper only once at time of subscription. Post that every time clicking on WAP push will open chosen newspaper as default home page for 'My News' service.


A. Yes you can change your language / newspaper at time of subscription.


A. Customer can choose from newspapers from 9 languages : Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English.


A. There are more than 40 leading Indian newspapers available through this service.


A. No, there are no data access charges to access this service on WAP/IVR.


A. To Subscribe:
  • SMS NEWS/MY NEWS to 53333
  • TRAI short code
    • For Subscription : START MYNEWS to 155223
    • For Un-Subscription : STOP MYNEWS to 155223

  • TRAI IVR by Dialing 155223

To Un-Subscribe:

  • SMS ‘UNSUB NEWS’ to 53333
  • SMS ‘STOP MYNEWS’ to 155223
  • Dial 155223 to unsubscribe


A. You don’t need to do any additional settings to access service. Your handset need to be GPRS enabled handset to access WAP version. IVR version is accessible even on non-WAP enabled handsets.


A. Yes, newspaper & language selection is possible through SMS. Just SMS NEWS to 52207. You will receive SMS with instructions to do language & newspaper selection.




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