The world you live in is full of advertising messages trying to grab your attention. And most of them have absolutely nothing to give you. Well, now they will. No kidding! Now every time you sit through an ad you’ll get paid for your attention.

Tata Docomo introduces GET - GetEasyTalktime, a unique service that gives you a free minute of Local / National talktime for just watching an ad on your mobile phone.

  • Absolutely free of cost - no data charges or hidden costs.
  • Paid call or a free call. It will always be your choice. No compulsion to always make a free call (after downloading the app).
  • Can be accessed by all Tata Docomo customers - Prepay or Postpay with data enabled and smart phones.
  • The free minute will get credited to the account immediately after viewing the ad.
  • GET is now available on Wi-Fi interface. Tata Docomo users can now download and use Wi-Fi or GPRS connection to enjoy the GET application.
  • Just SMS FREE to 52323 (toll free).
  • You will receive an SMS with a link.
  • Just click on the link to download the application.
  • Register by sharing a few details like gender and age.
  • Once the service is activated, you can avail the free call benefit by making any outgoing call in the normal way - either by choosing the contact from the phone book or dialing through the keypad.
  • A screen will be displayed giving you the option to make a "Free Call" or a "Paid Call" once you have dialed.
  • On choosing the "Free Call" option, an ad will be played and subsequently the call will be connected to the recipient. The first minute of the call will be absolutely free of cost.
  • If you choose "Paid Call", then the call will be connected to the recipient immediately and no ad will be played. No free minute will be credited to your account and you will be charged for the entire duration of the call.
  • Click here to access this service.

Absolutely Free of cost. No download charges, streaming charges or any other hidden cost.

Click here to know about the FAQ's.

Something exciting is on its way. Watch this space.

In view of the implementation of Swachh Bharat Cess by Government of India, you may receive 0.5% less Talktime or other
applicable benefit(s), from the aforementioned product details.
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