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Pan India Connectivity

Pan India connectivity means, you are never out of touch, when on the move


Plug n Play

Plug and play features help you get started almost with immediate effect



Battery pack and multiple device connectivity options give you the edge that no other player can

Photon Max, Photon Max Wi-Fi, Photon Max Wi-Fi Duo, Photon 3G and Photon 3G Wi-Fi

Our Photon services come in various flavours to suite your needs. Photon Max and Photon 3G are all plug-and-play USB devices that come at varying speed and download options. Photon MAX Wi-Fi offers additional feature of a Wi-Fi hotspot which enables connectivity with up to 5 devices simultaneously. Photon Max Wi-Fi Duo has the added advantage of a 4400mAh in-built power bank for charging purposes.

Variant Comparison

Features Max Max Wi-Fi Max Wi-Fi Duo 3G 3G Wi-Fi
Speed – Download (In Mbps) 6.2 6.2 \ 9.8* 6.2 \ 9.8* 7.2 21.1
Speed – Upload (In Mbps) 1.8 1.8 1.8 5.76 5.76
Wi-Fi Device connectivity No Yes (Up to 5 devices) Yes (Up to 5 devices) No Yes (Up to 5 devices)
Free Roaming Yes Yes Yes 9 circles and major cities**
Power bank No No Yes No No
In-building coverage Excellent in-building coverage at 800 MHz frequency Good coverage at 1800 MHz
End of Table

Tata Docomo Photon

Jayanta Prabhu

CTO, Essar Group,
Successful partnership of Tata Docomo & Essar Group.

Watch Jayanta Prabhu, CTO, Essar Group talk about their successful association with the Tatas since 2003 and how this has helped drive significant cost savings, increase productivity and support higher growth rates.

Subhash Kumar

GI Technology Pvt Ltd- COO - Herms
Product: Photon


Mr. Karan Bora

Manager, Corporate Administration - Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited.

I'd like to say how extremely happy we are with Tata Teleservices. Their service and support has exceeded our expectations. We have been using TTL data card and PRI services across India. They’ve been extremely professional and proactive.
Tata Teleservices turned out to be a very cost-effective and valuable partner to our business. Over period of time our conviction has increased significantly with TTL being with best service provider in telecom domain.

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