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MPLS VPN Service


Robust network

  • Tata Docomo is the only service provider to deploy MPLS network with dual plane architecture in core and access network, ensuring high availability
  • Low latency, high redundancy and secure network
  • Multiple class of service treatment for varying traffic types

Multiple options for connectivity

  • Wireline: Copper and fiber
  • Wireless: Radio, CDMA and GSM networks


End to end SLA’s on latency, uptime, packet loss and jitter


Simplified Management and Support

  • Control and visibility from desktop using web-based tools
  • Central NOC, proactive 24x7x365 days network monitoring
  • Field support to the remotest locations
Bandwidth on Demand

Bandwidth on Demand

In a dynamic business environment there is need for flexibility of bandwidth and our network has capability to support it. Bandwidth on Demand is a dynamic provisioning to upgrade a downlink bandwidth for a fixed period at an incremental charge. Enterprise will experience higher bandwidth service (as per speed burst demanded) for a specified period and the same will be downgraded automatically when the time period expires.

Business Benefits:

  • Bandwidth on Demand gives you the complete control over bandwidth requirement.
    • Increase operational efficiency by adjusting to uncertain requirements by getting higher bandwidth when your business needs it.
    • Optimize cost by paying for higher bandwidth only for the period you demand.
  • Ease of access - through a web interface (no logging of calls required). This is backed by email confirmations to ensure authenticity of transactions.
  • Scheduling in advance for specific bandwidth bursts.
  • Flexible bandwidth options ranging from 64 Kbps to 100 Mbps or more.

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