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BlackBerry Internet Service

The easiest way of getting e-mails, instant messages, socially networking or just browsing the net. Most suitable for individuals who plan to carry their lives with them on the move.


  • Access up to 10 POP3/IMAP email accounts: Now configure your personal mails like Yahoo!®, GmailTM, Rediff, Hotmail®, etc.
  • Unlimited emails: There is no quota on BlackBerry Internet Service with our unlimited data plan.
  • Instant Messaging: Including Yahoo!®Messenger, Google TalkTM and Windows Live Messenger.TM
  • Multiple mailbox view on handheld: Your BlackBerry handheld will show all configured mailboxes in a single screen.
  • Attachment viewing: Open and view email attachments in any of these popular formats : Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft powerpoint (.ppt), Microsoft Excel (.xls) ,Adobe pdf (.pdf), Corel Wordperfect ( .wpd), ASCII text (.txt), ZIP Archive ( .zip), Images (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif, .tiff).
  • Internet Browsing: Browse and surf websites anytime.

BlackBerry Internet Services

It’s never been easier getting email, attachment viewing, web browsing and instant messaging on the go!

BlackBerry® Internet Service can be up and running in just a few steps, regardless of email account type - and without IT support. It’s the easiest, most affordable way for individuals or small businesses to start using BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry push technology lets you receive your email effortlessly because messages are automatically pushed to your device.

Multiple email account integration

Add up to 9 supported personal and work email addresses on your BlackBerry smartphone. And if you need a new one, choose a unique BlackBerry email address just for your smartphone.

Personal/Web-Based Email Access

Enjoy the convenience of automatic, push delivery and mailbox synchronization with the most popular Internet-based email accounts on your BlackBerry smartphone. Whether you prefer AOL® Mail, Windows Live™ Hotmail, Google Mail™ or Yahoo!® Mail, enjoy on-the-go access to your web mail.

Picture This!

On BlackBerry smartphones with cameras, you can take pictures and then email your shots to friends or family. Just snap and send!


Take the web with you. With the BlackBerry® Internet Service browser, you get full access to the Internet on the go, so you can browse the same sites on your BlackBerry® device that you browse at your desktop PC.

Stay in touch with your personal contacts

Take your instant messaging with you. Instant messaging (IM) applications on BlackBerry® smartphones keep you in touch with your IM contacts—no matter where you are or what you're doing.

The BlackBerry Internet Service gives you access to many of the instant messaging applications that you already use on your BlackBerry smartphone, including:

BlackBerry smartphones support Yahoo!® Messenger,Windows Live™ Messenger, Google Talk™, AOL® Instant Messenger™ service and ICQ® when integrated with BlackBerry® Internet Service

Stay Social On BlackBerry

Update your status the moment you feel like it. Instantly share and tag funny pictures you just took. Post on your friends’ walls from wherever you are! Stay in touch with your social world from almost anywhere with social networking on your BlackBerry® smartphone.

Post, poke and more with Facebook® , share all your pictures on the go with Flickr® and get everything you love about MySpace® on your BlackBerry smartphone

1 Certain features outlined herein require a certain BlackBerry smartphone or a minimum version of BlackBerry® Desktop Software and/or BlackBerry® Device Software. 2 When you subscribe for, acquire, or use third party products and services with RIM products or services you accept that: 1. It is your sole responsibility to (a) ensure that your airtime service provider will support all of their features; (b) identify and acquire all required intellectual property and other licences prior to installation or use and to comply with the terms of such licences; 2. RIM provides such products and services on an “AS IS” basis with no express or implied conditions, endorsements, guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind, and assumes no liability whatsoever with respect to them.

Terms and conditions apply. Tariff plans may change as per TRAI directions/regulations.

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With Blackberry internet services, take the web with you, no matter where you are