Go Walky!

It’s time you got a landline that can do more than just making & receiving calls. It’s time you got the Tata Docomo Walky! Loaded with the functionality of a mobile & the stability of landline, we will change your perception of a landline.

With a range of attractive services like caller line identification, SMS, built in radio, line hunting, pooling, voicemail & more, Tata Docomo Walky is built to suit the needs of an average Indian family & business houses.

So why should you pick the Tata Docomo Walky? Here are a few reasons:

Stay connected; anytime, anywhere!

Functioning in 22 telecom circles in the country, Tat DOCOMO Walky functions on the least congested & award winning Tata Docomo Network. So, you can be rest assured that connectivity interference or interruptions will never be a problem with the Tata Docomo Walky.

Save money

Say good bye to those long landline bills. Whatever be your pattern of usage, Tata Docomo Walky has a plan whether you are a new Post pay or an existing Pre pay customers.

Smart yet simple

With a range of features like caller ID, call waiting, conferencing etc. pre-activated, Tata Docomo will make any other landline look ordinary. Despite being a cut above the rest, it’s very simple to operate. Apart from calling your Walky also comes with FM radio & internet; giving you the freedom to DO more.

Your number, your choice

After your name, the second thing by which people know you is your phone number. Too bad you did not have the right to choose the former. Therefore, we are giving you the liberty to choose your Tata Docomo Walky number. Choose to go traditional by choosing an 8-digit telephone number or get the feel of a mobile number with a 10-digit number.

We care

Providing customer satisfaction tops our list of priorities, and we do whatever it takes to see you happy with our service. So whether it is applying for a new connection, activating a service or finding a solution to a problem, just get in touch with us.

All these reasons, combined with the promise of quality & customer satisfaction of Tata Docomo, makes the Tata Docomo Walky a favourite with families, as well as businesses. so go ahead, So go ahead get yourself a Walky today.


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