3G FAQs: What is 3G and 3G Mobile Technology? Find out.
Frequently Asked Questions on 3G

Frequently Asked Questions on 3G

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A. 3G refers to the third generation of wireless technology. 3G Life is Tata Docomo’s 3G offering. The biggest benefits of this are high definition voice clarity & high-speed internet data transmission. With faster access speeds, 3G will enable a variety of information, entertainment, education, banking, and healthcare services on the mobile phone. 3G Life is brought to you by NTT DOCOMO, Japan the world leaders in 3G in partnership with Tata.

A. We are rolling out 3G services in partnership with the world leader in 3G NTT DOCOMO Japan. Tata Docomo has a worldclass network with speeds upto 21.1 Mbps & high definition voice for best voice clarity. We offer you a rich bouquet of 3G life services like Video Calling, video on demand, full track downloads, Mobile TV, online gaming & much much more. To enjoy these host of services, all you would need is a 3G enabled handset.
With Tata Docomo 3G, you would be able to download a movie in just a few minutes and you would be able to download a song in a few  seconds.
** The speeds mentioned are based on ideal  conditions . The actual speed will depend on network and number of customers who are using the service at one time.**

A. We are offering you plans which range from Combo offers on Voice & Data(called SmartLife plans), Only Data Top Up packs and products available as Dongles and for tablets. In addition to these we have very innovative VAS products available like Mobile TV, Music on Demand, Video on Demand, Gaming and our Catch Up product for a single sign-on to all your email accounts  and social networking sites.
In our Combo offers for Voice & Data we have monthly rentals / recharges available from a range of Rs. 350 to Rs. 2000 which offers free calling ranging from 500 min to 5000 min and free data ranging from 150 MB to 2GB.
We also have small top-ups available from Rs. 90 to Rs. 501. In case you want to enjoy 3G speeds for a 10 day period you can top up your pre pay connection with Rs. 90 to enjoy free data upto 100 MB.
For Dongles and tablets we have unlimited data products available ranging from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000 with data speeds ranging from 3.6 Mbps to 21 Mbps. Our dongles are available in the price range of Rs. 1999 and Rs. 2600. In the smaller range we also have a Rs. 500 and Rs. 750 product available with data of 650 MB and 2GB.

A. Sir/Madam all the Tata Docomo SIMs are 3G ready and you just need to

  • SMS 3G Life to 53333
  • You will receive a WAP push for 3G portal
  • Please browse and click on 3G Life
  • Download the 3G Life experience and install it

If you do not have a Tata Docomo SIM you wil have to visit the nearest retailer & buy one.

A. If you do not have a Tata Docomo SIM you will have to visit the nearest retailer & buy one.
If you have a Tata Docomo SIM, you need to get a 3G Recharge done. Products available with us are Voice & Combo packs, Data Packs and also our large screen products to be used with dongles or tablets.
For a Post Pay connection you can walk into any of our Tata Experience outlets or 3G life zones where you can even look at some attractive 3G handsets & try the services/speeds. < Check the list of outlets and give the same to the customer>.

A. Sir / Madam 3G Will help you with higher speeds. For example a 700 MB movie you would be able to download the movie in mere 23 seconds and a 5MB song in less than 1 / 10th of a second.
You would also be able to download videos, enjoy real time social networking with your friends, Watch Live TV, find directions while on the move, Send or receive Video SMS or Mail. These are just some of the possibilities.

A. Sir / Madam the details of the Handset compatibility will be available on the website of your handset manufacturer. However, please note the following are the top-selling 3G handsets which support 3G.

  • Top 3G Models
  • Nokia N73
  • Nokia N70
  • Nokia 6233
  • Nokia 6630
  • Nokia 6120 (Classic)
  • Nokia 5800 (Music Express)
  • Samsung Corby
  • HTC Express / Smart
  • iPhone 3G/3GS
  • Nokia N95
  • Blackberry Bold
  • Nokia 4100 (lowest price handset)
  • Ericsson K530i

You could also visit our website www.tatadocomo.com to find out if your handset is 3G compatible.

A. If you are looking out for new 3G handsets you can visit our 3G life experience zones. You will be able to check handsets, sample services & speeds on our network. You will also get all our pricing plans

A. Currently the video call is only working from Tata Docomo to Tata Docomo as we are first private player to launch 3G services in India. Our charging is very simple and we live up to the promise of Pay per use for video calls.
All DOCOMO to DOCOMO calls within the home nwork are charged at 5p/ sec. This is for both local as well as STD calls. While on On Net roaming the charges are 5p/ sec for outgoing and 5p / sec for incoming calls. This is for both local and STD calls.

A. The way the 3G services work allows for call sessions to move to 2.5G seamlessly. 

  • Voice Call: There will be no drop between a 2.5G to 3G transition or between 3G to 2.5G transitions of network. The handover would be seamless.
  • Video Call: The video call if already initiated in a 3G network would drop on moving to 2.5G site since 2.5G doesnot support video calls.
  • Internet surfing: On transitioning to a 2.5G network the speed will reduce but the session will not get disturbed in any manner.
  • Downloading of Music & Video file: On transitioning to a 2.5G network the speed of the download will reduce.

This holds good for transition between Tata Docomo 2.5G network to Tata Docomo 3G network.
In case of calls made while roaming, there could be a dropped call experience and the customer would have to re-initiate the call (voice/video/data)

A. NTT DOCOMO is a leading telecom operator in Japan and our partner in offering the world class telecom services in India.
NTT DOCOMO are the pioneers of 3G services in the world with over 98% of their customer base using 3G services in Japan.

A. Currently we are launching 3G only on  Tata Docomo. We would keep you informed of the same through relevant media as and when the same happens.

A. We have separate Data packs for 2G and 3G. With the 3G packs you would get higher speeds which you would not be able to enjoy on 2G packs.

A. Our endeavor is to provide you seamless roaming where ever you go. We would keep you informed of such tie ups through relevant media.

A. No, 3G services will not work in a non 3G coverage area.

A. The 3G Handsets have an icon with the network icon which illuminates when the phone is latched on to 3G network
In case you still get 2G network in a 3G coverage area, pls follow the below steps.

  • Go to Network Selection
  • Select UTMS or 3G

A. The call will drop.

A. Yes, you would be able to enjoy the 3G services while on roaming on Tata Docomo Network. We would keep you informed of the 3G roaming with other networks through relevant media at an appropriate time.

A. The Multitasking would depend on the device. However, during an active call the data session would be on halt.

A.The process of checking balance will be same as 2G balance and there is no separate balance.

A. The downloading and the uploading speeds depends on the handset, the content being downloaded and also on the network status.

A. Yes, you would get GPS services in 3G. GPS availability depends on the handset used.

A. No, currently you would only be able to make video calls from DOCOMO to DOCOMO. However for any new development we would keep you informed of the same through relevant media at an appropriate time.

A. Yes, with our advanced 3G network it would be possible to make a voice call during internet surfing. However, if the voice call is accepted then the internet session will be kept on hold.

A. The phone will indicate that is an Incoming Video Call.

A. The  Call will not get through.

* 3G launch is subject to regulatory approvals.

3G is available in select cities only. For complete details, click here


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